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Extinct “Jornal de Arganil” available online

Collection held by the municipality allows searches by names, dates and edition numbers

Município de Arganil
Município de Arganil

The Arganil municipality made available online, this Monday, a large part of the editions of the Jornal de Arganil published between 1926 and 1988

Through the platform, it is possible to browse through all the scanned editions, being possible to search “by names, dates and edition number”, thanks to text recognition. “This platform is a substantial improvement on the dynamics already achieved by Arganil municipality, through a tool of communication and proximity to residents, with news that encompasses people and places of various generations, in a comprehensive radius,” says the municipality in a note sent to newsrooms.

The new portal comes after the purchase last December of the estate of the newspaper that went out of business in 2012. At the time, in statements to the Lusa news agency, quoted by the Notícias de Coimbra website, mayor Luís Paulo Costa said the aim was to make the entire collection available to citizens. “The local history was built based on the press, which played a very important role in affirming the territories,” Costa said, adding in a note, quoted in the same digital newspaper, that the collection “represents not only an important document about the region, but also a testimony of the history of the press, whose life has always been linked to the communities of the county that found in it a way to communicate and mainly feed a chain of solidarity between the present and the absent.”

The platform is already accessible on the municipality’s website

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