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CMTV International is coming

The aim is not to produce a different channel or new contents for the Portuguese community in the diaspora.

Filipa Couto/Correio da Manhã/Direitos Reservados
Filipa Couto/Correio da Manhã/Direitos Reservados

Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social (ERC) (Portuguese Media Regulator) has authorised CMTV Internacional, the Cofina group’s international channel. The deliberation dates from last May 15th and was shared this Tuesday on social networks by the regulator itself

It’s the second international channel of the Portuguese group, which also maintains the local version CMC TV for Canada, with local broadcasts in the period corresponding to the dawn hours of the Portuguese version. However, the objective is not to create a different channel, like the international versions of the several generalist channels, or new contents directed to the international public, but to assume the international character of the signal: “The contents to be broadcasted will be exactly the same as those broadcasted in national territory, with the exception of certain programmes, on which there are impositions of the countries themselves, at the time of the celebration of the respective distribution contracts of the channel for the national territory, as well as those that focus on intellectual property rights, exclusive to third parties”, as can be read in the deliberation.

The group based at Luciana Stegagno Picchio Street, Lisbon, maintains, however, that this programme service will be directed at “the Portuguese-speaking communities in countries around the world, with different culture, identity and jurisdictions, including France, Dominican Republic, USA, Israel, Angola, Mozambique and Canada”. The channel will be “integrated in the editorial structure of the Cofina Media group and particularly in that of CMTV, sharing and benefiting from the technical and operational structure of that channel, with transversal technical and human resources”, keeping 24 hours of broadcasting per day

The launch of this international version does not have a defined date yet

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