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RTP2 premieres French series “Réunions”

The cast includes the French-Portuguese actress Sara Martins

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It is the new bet for the nights of the second channel of the portuguese public station. “Reunion” premieres this Tuesday on RTP2

The action of the series, of six episodes, evolves Chloé (Laëtitia Milot) and Jérémy (Loup-Denis Elion) and complicated family pasts. “When Chloé discovers that her companion Jérémy has inherited his father’s hotel on the paradise island of Reunion, off Madagascar, she sees it as the ideal opportunity to start a new life away from Roubaix and financial worries,” the channel reports. Jérémy, who has never had a relationship with his father, is shocked to learn of the death and is even more surprised to learn that he has a half-brother, Antoine. “Chloé throws herself with passion into managing the hotel together with the two half-brothers, who until now were unaware of each other’s existence. But between her ex, father of her two eldest children, who followed them to the island, the discovery of a new family and her daughter who only thinks of returning to the city, Chloé will realise that a change of life, even in a place full of sun, is not so simple,” the station adds

The cast, besides Milot and Elion, includes Nicolas Bridet, Nicolas Chupin, Marie De Dinechin, Matteo Pérez, Eva Darlan and Pascal Légitimus, as well as the French-Portuguese actress Sara Martins, known for her performance in the role of “Camille Bordey” in the series “Death in Paradise”, broadcast on FOX Crime Portugal

The series will air from 10.10pm and will be broadcast every weekday until April 28, when it will be replaced by the Belgian series “The Twelve”

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