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Singer Artur Garcia died

Artist was 83 years old.

Blitz/Direitos Reservados
Blitz/Direitos Reservados

Portuguese singer Artur Garcia died this Wednesday in Aldeia de Juzo, in Cascais, Lusa news agency advanced, citing the agent António Fortuna

Born in 1937, Artur Garcia was the interpreter of songs such as “Casaca Azul e Oiro” or “Porta Secreta”, theme with which he competed in the 1967 edition of the Festival RTP da Canção. In fact, he competed several times in the Festival but never won. Still in 1967, Garcia won the Luso-Hispanic Festival of Aranda de Duero and got the second place in the Festival da Costa Verde of Espinho. He integrated the casts of some “Revistas à Portuguesa” of Parque Mayer but, after the 25th April Revolution, his artistic activity decreased

In 2005, he celebrated the fifty years of his career with a show at Fórum Lisboa. At that time, he told Agência Lusa that his career had been “made by the people. With “Porta Secreta” I sold thousands of records. If, at that time, gold records were given for sales, I would have a full house,” he joked

Last February, he suffered a stroke. At 83, Garcia died on the eve of celebrating his birthday

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